episode 17

Photography Q&A

In this episode of the Sleeklens Photography Podcast, we talk about your questions.

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Thank you to those who have submitted the questions below!

  1. How can you achieve a bokeh effect in your backgrounds using a regular lens? -Kent Harrison
  2. I just got my first drone and was wondering if you have any apps that show where it is legal to fly? -Lara W. Smith
  3. I have a Canon T5i that I bought used as a background video camera. I have noticed that it usually quits recording after about 9-10 minutes. Do you happen to know why? -Michael Ticks
  4. I have found that my photos seem to be blurry even if using a small aperture. How can I correct this? -Angie Consworth
  5. What are the best settings to photograph the moon? -Neil S.


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